Whole Hearted Healing

Hilary Farberow Stuart, N.D.

8311 SE 13th Avenue, Portland OR. 97202 503 234-4639

As a Naturopathic Physician and counselor, I offer a supportive and encouraging environment where you can find your own answers, make resonate changes in your lives, and expand into the freedom and joy which is our true nature.  Utilizing a multilevel system which I have developed over 25 years of study and practice, I work with you to explore the nondual, spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical levels of the human system, both personal and universal.  Realizing our own unique patterns held within each level, and recognizing the patterning which is common to all humans, we can begin to free ourselves from old habits of thinking and reacting, and learn to trust a deep inner connection that we can recognize as truth beyond limitation.  

WHOLEHEARTED HEALING is the journey we take where we learn to love all of ourselves, and in the process we discover that love is what heals. Through the exploration of who we think we are, we can begin to clearly see the self we have made from within a system of positive/negative judgment.  Gently, as we inquire deeply into what is true beyond our beliefs and fears, new ways of seeing ourselves naturally arise.  With fresh eyes, understanding and compassion bring freedom from the conditioning which has trapped us in old patterns that no longer serve us.    

Through the understanding of ourselves from a multifaceted point of view we can bring new awareness as to the causative factors which may have resulted in the expression of disease or physical symptomology in the body. By addressing the issues on each level, healing can occur at the root cause. Thus, it is often possible to both deeply understand and influence acute and chronic illness.

With deep exploration of the human system, from the level of Nondual Awareness to the Physical level, an integration occurs where we can begin to see ourselves as multi-dimensional, miraculous beings.  Transformation becomes possible as we dissolve the fixations which have kept us locked in rigid patterns.  Relationships change and it becomes possible to manifest goals in ways that previously were blocked. Ultimately, as we work to individuate our authentic and unique individual selves, we simultaneously awaken to our true nature, that which imbues, permeates and enlivens all life.   

Hilary Farberow Stuart, N.D.

I work with individuals, couples and families.  Together, with the assistance of our deepest wisdom, we create a goal for transformation. Whether it be relationship, career or health concerns, all of our life issues can be doorways into the Self.  That which we consider to be problematic in our lives can in fact become our greatest gift, as we inquire directly into what those problems are representing for us. All symptoms and discomforts, whether physical or emotional, are an expression of something deep within that is longing to be seen, heard, and healed in the light of unconditional lov